Our heart and passion

At our Indonesian factories we produce products with great respect for the nature and environment.

Our range of products extends to more than just rattan and bamboo furniture. At Lio Collection we also develop and produce a wide range of indoor and outdoor antique, classic and modern furniture as well as interior – such as mirrors, candlesticks, creative paintings, exquisite handicrafts, beautiful lamps, stones, and wood carvings.

Through the years Christos and the Lio team has developed an incredibly close and respectful bond to the community in Bali. This has enabled Lio Collection to build an unique bridge between the outside world of customers and the Indonesian market.

We have an extensive knowledge of how to do business in Indonesia, the politics and community. In short, we are the only supplier you need in Indonesia, a true one-stop-supplier. It dosen’t matter if you need a mixed container or if you are looking for high quantity at a very competitive price, we love to solve your needs and wants. We are here for you all the way.

We are driven by our passion for the development and production of quality products. This is the absolute core of our business. At Lio Collection we love the fact that our furnitures bring nature straight into our customers homes.

Bali’s Bamboo Heaven

Our V-Legal certificate is yours (and ours) guarantee that we always work with legal wood. The V-Legal certificate specifies that the wood we work with is complying with the legality and/or sustainability standard in Indonesia. All in all – The V-Legal certificate ensures that all wood coming through Lio Collection are legal wood. We owe it to our nature and community.