About us

Lio Collections is a family-owned furniture and interior company, founded by Christos Liokouras and Charlotte Nielsen in 2006.

Headquartered on the tropical island of Bali, we offer a wide and versatile selection of Indonesian furniture and interior products, catering to both retailers and wholesalers.  

We combine quality products and competitive prices with impeccable logistics and service, ensuring that we consistently adhere to our motto: “Customer satisfaction is always number one”.


At Lio Collection we are driven by our passion for developing sustainable quality products that bring nature directly into peoples’ homes. This is the core of our business, and it’s a philosophy deeply rooted in Indonesia – this incredible and diverse country – and its rich culture.

For centuries, Indonesia’s talented artisans have crafted beautiful and unique furniture from the archipelago’s amazing variety of natural resources. Our mission is to bridge the way to the rest of the world.

A genuine geographical connection, as well as knowledge and understanding of Indonesia, its people and their culture, are fundamental keys to achieving our goals. Over many years, Christos Liokouras and his team have formed a deep and respectful bond with the local communities throughout Indonesia, where traditional and personal relationships play an immensely important role. This is the foundation, on which we have built and developed Lio Collection.


Lio Collection is founded by the Greek-born entrepreneur Christos Vassilios Liokouras and his Danish wife Charlotte Nielsen. After decades of leading in the Scandinavian furniture and interior industry, they moved their principle base to “The Island of Gods”, wishing to be firmly placed at the center of the manufacturing.

Continuing long-standing family traditions, Lio Collection is their life’s work. Together, the highly creative and energetic couple have developed the company into a successful and respected global operation by pouring their heart, passion and collective experience into the work.


Over the years, Christos and Charlotte have assembled a talented and diligent team, and we are now a large and diverse family.

95% of Lio’s workforce is based in Indonesia, where our showrooms, shops, warehouses, logistics, and head office are located. Here, the day-to-day operations are efficiently run by our local team.

The team is widely diverse, reflecting Indonesia’s various regions and local cultures, and spans over multiple areas of professional expertise.

Most of our employees have been working with us for over 10 years, and many are still with us since we established our operations in Indonesia.

Our V-Legal certificate, issued by the Indonesian Government authorities, is yours (and ours) guarantee that we always use strictly legal wood in our products. The V-Legal certificate specifies that the wood we work with is complying with the legal and sustainability standards in Indonesia.