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LIO Collection is  backed by more than 36 years of experience in supply, service, quality control, and properly trained teams to assist and understand the requirements of the clients in 41 countries world wide.


“Customer Satisfaction is Always Number One!”




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About us

The LioCollection with the company motto “Customer Satisfaction is always Number One!“ which is a very well-known indoor and outdoor furniture maker was founded by Christos Vassilios Liokouras for about 35 years ago. Years before he decided to go deeper within this business, he first worked as an employee in a furniture company. As time pass by, he then realized that he and his family can put up a furniture business to manage too. They then make there dream come to reality. For over 30 years, as a result of their efforts and hard works, the business furniture shop they have succeeded. Christos Vassilios Liokouras and his family members then decided to move their business to the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia.

His insights and goals motivated him to expand his furniture domain. The LioCollection then became a well known high class furniture maker to their customers, manufacturers, importers and exporters until it come to the point that LioCollection achieve the title of being the “Rattan and Bamboo King” in the European Region. Companies’ product showcases expandable range of antique, classic, modern, and attractive furniture styles. LioCollection expertise focuses on mirrors, candle handler, indoor and outdoor furniture’s, antiques, attractive abstract and creative paintings, exquisite handicrafts,homewares,rattan and bamboo products, glassware’s, beautiful lamps, stone and wood carvings and many more fantastic and great products that suits our tastes.

His passion made it easy for him to express his creativity and knowledge to produce such great thoughts of products. Making dreams come true like this is not about on how hard you work, it’s about putting your life and heart on it so that you can never give up that business easily no matter what happen. Putting up a business doesn’t always come up with success. Sometimes, it undergoes certain trials and difficulties for it to expand. If it fails at a time, then never let that mistake make you give up and surrender. Dealing with problems is not about rushing; it’s all about presence of mind and a wider insight of the reality. Status in life doesn’t matter at all if want to become a successful person. The poorer you are, the more eager you are to be a successful one.

Life is short; make the best out of it. Work as if there’s no tomorrow. Success in life varies in two ways, perseverance and dedication. If you have that in you, then it will never be hard for you to get what you wish and dreamed for.